I.M. :Powered by Inspiration | Maria Shriver

Powered by Inspiration was a site I stumbled upon that underscores why I’ve started the DesignBox blog – we are all in need of inspiration! Ruts, routine  and boredom exercise their sticky little feet all over our lives and find their way into every aspect of our being. Have you ever had one of those days when you just sit and stare as if you’re brain has shut down? I guarantee a high test Trenta will not cure the muse.

Inspiration Monday (I.M.) is the challenge to myself and others to approach weekends as a time to regroup, refresh and become inspired. What could we do if we didn’t dread Monday, but embraced it as a day to engage life with our new motivation and perspective as our road map? If Monday is this awesome then we’d all have a kick ass weekend to look forward to!

Let’s be inspired together and change the face of Mondays and our lives!


Powered by Inspiration | Maria Shriver.


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