People: Who Do You Think You Are?

Gil Zamora has one of those jobs I find fascinating. Unfortunately, I can’t draw people and would probably ask too many questions which may defeat the purpose of the interview.

Between some tears I really enjoyed these interviews. As a designer, I’m trained to determine if a potential client and my services are going to gel within the first 30 minutes or less of a meeting. These interviews resonate on a professional level on how people want to be perceived through the visual presentation of their homes. We are all critical of how we appear to the world outside of our heads and I find it sad so many think less of themselves than those around them. I hope this campaign lifts people to think better of themselves.





One thought on “People: Who Do You Think You Are?

  1. This is a very cool social experiment. I’d love to see how the outcomes would be different if they were to do this with men.

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