I.M.: Science & Cooking

Good Morning!!!

Somewhere around Saturday morning I woke up and freaked out about my Inspiration Monday challenge to myself. About 10 minutes after my feet hit the floor I had my challenge solidified. Ready for this? SPU27x Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science. Um, what, you say? So, I came across an article last week and I thought “My husband would really enjoy something like this.” It’s an online course sponsored by Harvard, MIT and several other vaguely familiar giants from the world of higher ed. This course focuses on the science behind cooking – not unlike my other blog food section Just Food. Duh! I would really like something like this! There it is, I signed up and I’m ready to blow up my kitchen to get a certificate from Harvard or MIT, don’t know which one.

For the next few weeks I will come back to you with how this challenge is working, how many times the fire department has visited for experiments gone wrong and share some cool and fascinating food knowledge. If you find any of this interesting, check out Alton Brown’s Good Eats or sign up for the course and we can compare notes.

BTW: My husband signed up with little resistance and much anticipation to challenge his little gray cells with what we love – FOOD!