Good Eats: Lemon Ginger Tea

This food post will fall under the category of essential recipes for the cold and flu season. About six years ago I sought out relief for my ever recurring fall cold/flu that would ultimately result in several months of coughing. I hate over-the-counter drugs and find they do more harm than good for me. I came across several versions of this tea to alleviate my sore throat, stuffy head and cough (chest colds were my weak spot) and this is the recipe I found worked for my symptoms. I’ve shared this tea with several of my friends, neighbors, family and my once doubting husband who is now the mule for this elixir when a neighbor is in need.  Following is information behind the ingredients and why they work to help the body heal itself.

Lemon – Vitamin C also contains antioxidant properties, which are important for bolstering the immune system

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Honey – Nathaniel Altman, author of “The Honey Prescription: The Amazing Power of Honey As Medicine,” adds that honey may have the power to kill deadly bacteria, such as those that can lead to MRSA and other staph infections.

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Ginger – Among other things: The intake of ginger juice will warm the body, promoting healthy sweating, which not only assists detoxification but also boosts the immune system thanks to the germ-fighting agent in sweat called dermcidin.

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On to the recipe:

4 cups        Water

2                  Lemons

1-2 tsps      Honey

1-2 tbs        Grated ginger


While boiling water, combine the juice of the lemons, honey and grated ginger in a thermos or carafe. Add boiling water, stir and cover to steep for 10-15 minutes.

Notes: Adjust the flavor with lemon or honey and sip it as hot as you can handle. This tea need not be reserved for when you’re under the weather, either.

Enjoy and feel better 🙂